Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now …

“Look, you’re a good dino, but you’ve made many mistakes.”
The Tonyfauci coughed in surprise.
“Many mistakes? Me? You’re saying I’ve made mistakes?”
The Tyrumposaurus’ accusation had stirred something within the Tonyfauci. Perhaps it was his backbone that in two seconds had grown six feet.

Live with It …

The Deborahbirx cast a worried look at the Oval Dwelling entrance.
“Shouldn’t we wait for the Tonyfauci?”
“We don’t need that little twerp,” fumed the Tyrumposaurus. “He’ll only mix up our mixed messaging. We can do that on our own, thank you very much!”

Tulsa Time …

Sweat dripped profusely from the Tyrumposaurus rally campaign dino’s brow. He wiped it away, stealing a peek at the T-Rump.
“It’s not too late to cancel this thing.”
“Are you kidding me?!” roared the T-Rump. “There are millions of dinos out there. Millions! Do I have to get the Seanspicer in here to tell you that?”

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