This Day in Misery

fbbf0b874fdad95dcaefbff790c5cc34_1_tmpPolitics / Non-Fiction … 562 pgs.

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Donald Trump spit out 30,000 lies in four years of downing Diet Cokes in the Oval Office. But … is it possible he and his hairy-knuckled henchman managed to punch themselves in the face every single calendar day of the year?

You betcha. This Day in Misery is the reference tool for Trump trauma therapists and democracy lovers alike, looking for the holy grail answer that could save a soul. Or 30 million. Their FOX News-driven dialogue inevitably arrives at the question burning stem cells across America: “So, what’s your problem with Trump?”

Did we say exhaustive? Pick a day, any day. There are two, four, six Trump dumpster fires per day burning brightly — sourced to a Mueller Report-like bibliography — to help you tackle the mindless misinformation of Trump World. 1,399 news items in all, sure to ignite a Republican’s hair if POTUS had been a Democrat.

Be prepared. Help save America. Arm yourself with the truth.

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