The Pizza Prophet


Fiction / Humor … 73 pgs

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Polish philosophy-trained Kosma Stankowicz is one of your more profound pizza delivery experts. He’s certainly the most respected at Lead Pipe Joe’s. Whether he’s training a mobster’s son from the ground up … or stepping lightly around a cranky boss who has 5 daughter’s weddings to pay for … or being discreet about a fellow employee’s lust for black men, Kosma is always on the clock.

Life can seem like a pizza waiting to be delivered. Following a near-death experience and an armored truck money bag gone missing – has Kosma received the greatest tip from on high? He’s convinced he’s a prophet. His oracle? A hooker named Divine. Kosma’s resulting revelations only turn up the heat on workplace romance. Any unsuspecting customer would have to wonder, is it true love or the jalapeno peppers?