“Lying to others is second nature to Other-blamers because they lie to themselves constantly. To routinely shift blame to others is a massive, lifelong effort at self-deception.”  (pg. 254, The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump / Bandy Lee, M.D.)


Ahem … Welcome to my humble WordPress abode. Yes, these are pressed word walls.

Do visit The Trump Dig for my latest bones from the Trumpassic Period. We’ve reached the 300-day mark of his overstay in the Oval Office and the incredulity continues. Telling the Tyrumposaurus’ story has consumed me and tested my PhD in Collusionary Politico-Paleontolgy of the Nth Degree.

I’m a novelist and screenwriter delving … er, careening through Humor, Historical Fiction, Satire and all punch lines between. Kind of like getting hit with GOV B.S. (Gatorade’s Orange Victory Bucket Splash), it’s a good time that sticks with you.

All my novels and novellas here are linked to their respective eBook page at Amazon.

Thanks for your support and laughter.


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