It’s unfortunate that the tan we get in Hawaii we celebrate, while the tan we get in the womb we invalidate.  — Miles McPherson, Senior Pastor at Rock Church, San Diego


Welcome to my humble WordPress abode. Yes, these are pressed word walls.

Do visit The T-Rump Dig for my latest bones from the Trumpassic Period. Launched at the 163-day mark, we’ve survived the 1300-day mark — and 19,000th lie — of his overstay in the Oval Dwelling. The insanity continues. Telling the Tyrumposaurus’ story has become my cathartic gift to the shocked and wrongly awed. And to keep from pulling out my  remaining follicles.

The T-Rump Dig has evolved since September 2019 into a musical dino-rockfest available for your listening pleasure as a podcast on Podbean. Each week, Monday’s and Friday’s posts are packaged as a Saturday podcast. Do partake and feel free to sing along to chase those T-Rump blues away!

When I’m not tracking the T-Rump, I’m a novelist and screenwriter delving … er, careening through Humor, Historical Fiction, Satire and all punch lines between. My novels and novellas here are linked to their respective eBook page at Amazon.

My laughter hopefully becomes yours. Thank you for your support and please, please vote in November.


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