“A fundamental problem with a Trump presidency is … that his character defects will normalize immoral Other-blaming behaviors and encourage their full expression among those who may have previously been held in check by expectations of socially acceptable behavior.”  (pg. 256, The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump / Bandy Lee, M.D.)


Ahem … Welcome to my humble WordPress abode. Yes, these are pressed word walls.

Do visit The Trump Dig for my latest bones from the Trumpassic Period. We’ve reached the 300-day mark of his overstay in the Oval Office and the incredulity continues. Telling the Tyrumposaurus’ story has consumed me and tested my PhD in Collusionary Politico-Paleontolgy of the Nth Degree.

I’m a novelist and screenwriter delving … er, careening through Humor, Historical Fiction, Satire and all punch lines between. Kind of like getting hit with GOV B.S. (Gatorade’s Orange Victory Bucket Splash), it’s a good time that sticks with you.

All my novels and novellas here are linked to their respective eBook page at Amazon.

Thanks for your support and laughter.


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