The Trumpassic Period — Year Three

TheTrumpassicPeriod-Year03_Cover_v1Political Satire / Humor … 401 pgs

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The lowering of the Williambarr. The Bed Bug Bugaloo.  The Sondland singing. The past 12 months have seen the Puhl-DePlugg Reservoir rise to record, scandalous levels with the Milkanhoney Preservation forced to drink it all in.

The Mediacircustops dutifully regurgitates it, culminating in the Ukraine Plain scandal that brings the mighty Tyrumposaurus to his knees. But Grandoldparty dinos like the Moscowmitch and the Mickmulvaney have sold their souls for plum posts as mum ghosts in the T-Rump food chain.  The Muellersavus is now a myth,  the T-Rump spins his 15,000th lie and every day is an accident waiting to happen as Dino Nation stomps forward for truth, justice and non-extinction!

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