The Trumpassic Period — Year Four

TheTrumpassicPeriod-Year04_Front_v05Political Satire / Humor … 394 pgs

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“Trial by Combat” is the final chapter in the four-year tomfoolery that passed for the Tyrumposaurus reign in the Oval Dwelling. From Day 1096 to the final Day 1464, the T-Rump and his swamp water sycophants terrorize the plodding pedestrians of Dino Nation. The Mincepencenow and his minions make a mockery of the Coronavirus task force. The cries of election fraud ring through the land as the Q-Anonymousarus lay waste to the common sense of 19 dino attorney generals and 126 members of the Grandoldparty, a.k.a. Kenpaxton’s Pack.

The projection, the deflection and the utter lack of self-reflection. Is it any wonder that T-Rump’s Insurrection comes to pass in a climate where T-Rump’s 30,000th lie arrives with little more than a shrug.  Belisle has provided the added bonus of a song for every chapter to improve your multi-media experience. All 100+ days in Year Four are available at his T-Rump Dig podcast site.

The Trumpassic Period — Year Four … Now available at Amazon Kindle for your listening and sing-a-long pleasure.