The Trumpassic Period — Year Two

TheTrumpassicPeriod-Year02_Cover01Political Satire / Humor … 387 pgs

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It’s been two long, gut-wrenching years in the Puhl-DePlugg Reservoir. Two years of chaos-as-king under the new leader, the Tyrumposaurus or T-Rump for short. Try and keep up with the reptiles and crooked-necked cronies crawling through the Oval Dwelling. This is an era where greed, lies and corruption rear their ugly heads, striving to become the new normal.  Breathe deep. Exhale. If you enjoyed The Trumpassic Period — Year One — the book, not the experience! — there’s more cathartic laughter in store from the past 365 days of Year Two … A Path of Darkness.

You survived it. You deserve this. Enjoy, dear reader.

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