Chastity’s Belt

ChastitysBelt_EBookCoverFiction / Young Adult … 97 pgs

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How now! Blank page!
For rampant rage,
I write, you read
These words I cage.

Shakespearean writer’s chops ever-chopping, Belisle plays whack-a-mole with the hormones-a-hopping down a high school hallway near you. It’s a coming of age tale for bottled emotions that always seem to be just past their expiry date. Perhaps Shakespeare … re DB … should elaborate:

Who be this sage,
Who comes of age
To stumbled youth
As though they wage
The longest war
On longer shore
Where hope is none
To face the horror.
How to escape
This reddest tape
That holdeth back
Their back with cape?

More to the point … 16-year-old Jane Chatterton bites off more than she bargained for in her bid to be more than just another girl at Ottawa’s Assumption Immaculata. Her weapons of choice? Shakespeare’s “Love’s Labour’s Lost” … and a chastity belt.

The boys in grade 10 English Lit never knew what hit them.