The Trumpassic Period — Year One

TheTrumpassicPeriod-Year01_Cover_v3Political Satire / Humor … 203 pgs

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Wish you could close your eyes and the Trump presidency would just go away? Behold the next best thing. It’s another time, another place. Welcome to the Trumpassic Period. They’re all here. The Tyrumposaurus, the Crookadillary and all the not quite ready for prime time dinos, traipsing through the Puhl-DePlugg Reservoir.

Politics and paleontology converge with dozens of delicious dinosaur tales guaranteed to turn that frown upside down. This is a compilation of all 73 episodes of the “The Trump Dig” from the past year. Follow this chronological crack-up as no Oval Dwelling dino is safe. It’s the Moscovian Bluffs investigation, countless fleets of squawking Trollertweeties and all things Tyrumposaurus.

Go ahead, laugh til it hurts. You owe it to yourself.