Full Moon

FullMoonCover_v2Fiction / Humor … 218 pgs

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What was he thinking?  It was 2 a.m. and here he was on hold, about to go live on the air with Twilight Insight talk radio psychic-astrologer Pamela Parrette.  What was he going to tell her?  That he was a vampire?  How does one casually work that into the conversation?  A-Negative?  Right on … my nutritionist says I should drink more.  Better to tell her the feds were after him, to deport him … again.  Thanks to Prime Minister Harper Collins’ top-secret health plan – which would scare the Saskatoon out of Saskatchewan.  No, the woman he’d gladly pay roaming charges to speak with was Valerie.  The Elections Canada beauty possessed the life force he wanted to drink, gargle and swallow.

Except our dark and mysterious vampire can’t – even if he only has 30 days to live – because he faints at the mere sight of blood.  As a vampire, Bogdan Moldovan just plain sucks.