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Batter up for “Seven Septembers”

While spring heralds baseball’s beginning, September’s all about winning. Seven Septembers, a three-year labor of love, is now available. From Gabby Hartnett’s 1938 Cubs to Colorado’s raucous 2007 Rocktober, I offer you the seven most fantastic finishes in MLB history. Here is the day-by-day, down-to-the-wire drama each club negotiated in defying the longest of odds to snatch the pennant or a coveted postseason spot.

Seven chapters, 698 pages, of burning pennant fever can be yours for just $4.99. Here’s the Amazon link.

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The Trumpassic Period — Year FOUR

The decline of the Roman Empire had its moments. But none like these.

That’s right. The Trumpassic Period — Year Four: Trial by Combat puts a cap on all things politically unconscionable.

From Day 1096 to Day 1464, Belisle brings home the beefs and bones about the Tyrumposaurus that kept Dino Nation one step and a nose dive from the crazy weed patch and psychotherapy.

The Coronavirus ravages the Milkanhoney Preservation but the T-Rump continues his super spreader rallies. The Kushneratops lays claim to the community stockpile while the Randpaul is fine with spittin’ in the pool. 

Year Four: Trial by Combat is 100+ more dino tales — two per week — that capture the T-Rump’s fourth year in power for all the terrible after taste it left. There are more unsavory reptiles than you can shake a Caviaraptor leg at, all willing to holler “Election fraud!” from the highest mountain to stay in the good graces of the tyrannical T-Rump.

This 394-page chronology of T-Rump’s final days in the Oval Dwelling ring and sing with the doom and gloom infamy that 30,000 lies and a second impeachment will bring one diabolical dino. For the my-life-passed-before-my-eyes reader in you.

Available on Amazon for $4.99. Download today!

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The Trumpassic Period — Year Three!

Another year. Another near-apocalypse.

OMG. It’s … The Trumpassic Period — Year Three.

These are the times Dino Nation finds itself in yet again, striving to survive the wild, walnut-brained ways of the Tyrumposaurus and his merry, misinformed lot of dino sycophants.

The Williambarr and the Moscowmitch have the T-Rump’s back as the Nancypelosi, the Chuckschumer and the rest of the Donkeykongrus dinos can only sit back and watch as the T-Rump continues running roughshod through the norms, the decencies, the very soul of the Milkanhoney Preservation.

The Trumpassic Period — Year Three doesn’t miss a dino footprint. Two tales per week add up to 104 encompassing views of the T-Rump’s third year at the helm of helpless dinos everywhere, cowering in their caves.

This 401-page chronology of T-Rump’s raucous, one — only one! — impeachment reign is now available on Amazon for $2.99. Download today!

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The Trumpassic Period — Year Two

That’s right, Martha. Apparently one year wasn’t enough.

The Tyrumposaurus continues to call the shots from his Oval Dwelling digs, running rough-shod over the Milkanhoney Preservation. The same dino nation he took the Oath of the Nether Regions to serve and protect. If it’s not the Great Tex-Mex Divide one day, it’s throwing his Langleyops under the Preibusunderbus the next, all with his exasperating exaltation of the Putinodon far, far away in the Moscovian Bluffs.

Somewhere a prehistoric clock is ticking. Is that a meteor approaching or more fallout from the Muellersavus investigation? The Mediacircustops can’t wait to ask the Huckabeecyclops.

It’s all here. The T-Rump’s second traumatic year, tail lash by tail lash.

The 392-page T-Rump tome was released Feb. 22nd. Now available on Amazon for $2.99. Order today!

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The Pizza Prophet

My latest humor fiction landed on Amazon Kindle eShelves, September 10, 2018.

Like several other of my novellas, I originally wrote The Pizza Prophet as a screenplay. This is the adaptation to novella form. That’s right, we’re talking deeper laughs.

In this send-up to the pizza industry, Kosma Stankowicz is the wise delivery expert at Lead Pipe Joe’s. Following a near accident, Kosma happens upon a gold-hearted hooker with an edge. Like pizza toppings, circumstances add up and — Voila! — a prophet has his oracle. Take-out just took off and where there’s pizza, there’s mobsters.

You may order your copy at Amazon. Enjoy!

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The Trumpassic Period — Year One!

My latest satire collection hits the Amazon Kindle eShelves, Tuesday, January 30, 2018.

In early July last year, I began “The Trump Dig,” a blog that lambasted, er … lampooned the Trump presidency, if we can we still call it that. 73 episodes later, the Tyrumposaurus’ first year is in the books. At least this one. Yes, Martha, the whole kit’n kaboodle under one cover.

For most, this politico-paleontological saga will be cathartic. You’ll be able to relive — at a safe distance — the goings-on and gang warfare that predominated the first year of a period falling somewhere between Triassic and Jurassic. It’s a fun-filled, ample dessert to Michael Wolff’s “Fire and Fury.” Tis better to laugh than cry.

You may order your copy at Amazon.

Thank you for your smileys, kind comments and support.

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Newfie, Come Home! … Now Available

My latest novella, a laugh-out-loud satirical farce, recently hit eReaders, November 1.

The synopsis …

Most of the men in Gord McDougall’s family had run into a bad whack o’ hassle. His father wasn’t immune, attempting to end it all with a shot of Screech and a handful of pills and Flintstone vitamins. Fortunately he survived, seeing the error of his ways. His fatherly advice to Gord is to live large and go out big if he wants to leave a mark. Gord’s doubtful at first, but father knows best. The young man leaves the hospital believing if he wants to be somebody he must kill himself.

But Gord’s no dummy. In order to provide for his family, he meets with an agent to discuss life insurance.  He meets Donna, a mental health worker who suffers from Florence Nightingale Syndrome. She falls for him but Gord refuses to be deterred from his death quest. His prayers appear to be answered when, on a boat to the mainland, he meets Saudi terrorist kingpin Atakan Kihlall. Can Gord kill himself or is all this a waste of time?

You may order your copy at Amazon. If you would like a free copy in exchange for an honest review, let me know.

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“The Dog Behind Me” … New eBook!

The Dog Behind Me is a tale of reincarnation and the latest book from David Belisle. It launched August 5 and is now available at Amazon.

A young homeless man and a stray black Labrador happen upon each other on the down-and-out streets of Calgary. The man doesn’t know it but the black Labrador is the reincarnation of his estranged father.

The Dog Behind Me is 225 pages long … Genre: Fantasy / Reincarnation … Price: $2.99.

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1,000 “Bushwhacked!” Downloads!

No, Martha. Them ain’t bullets bein’ loaded into a shotgun. That thar’s yer free downloads of “Bushwhacked!” yesterday at Amazon, ayup. An’ the free deal is still goin’ on today, by gum.

Editor’s note: Thanks to FreeBooksy for a great promotion.