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Mar-a-Lago Still

The T-Rump Dig begins a new chapter with the T-Rump out of office. Henceforth, our podcast will consist of come-what-may musical merriment as the Grand Old Party wagon careens toward some cliff. Any cliff. Do follow to hear the latest.

First out of the gate … Suffering a GOP schism even Moscow Mitch can’t fix, Kevin McCarthy makes that palm tree pilgrimage few would dare. 

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The Trumpassic Period — Year FOUR

The decline of the Roman Empire had its moments. But none like these.

That’s right. The Trumpassic Period — Year Four: Trial by Combat puts a cap on all things politically unconscionable.

From Day 1096 to Day 1464, Belisle brings home the beefs and bones about the Tyrumposaurus that kept Dino Nation one step and a nose dive from the crazy weed patch and psychotherapy.

The Coronavirus ravages the Milkanhoney Preservation but the T-Rump continues his super spreader rallies. The Kushneratops lays claim to the community stockpile while the Randpaul is fine with spittin’ in the pool. 

Year Four: Trial by Combat is 100+ more dino tales — two per week — that capture the T-Rump’s fourth year in power for all the terrible after taste it left. There are more unsavory reptiles than you can shake a Caviaraptor leg at, all willing to holler “Election fraud!” from the highest mountain to stay in the good graces of the tyrannical T-Rump.

This 394-page chronology of T-Rump’s final days in the Oval Dwelling ring and sing with the doom and gloom infamy that 30,000 lies and a second impeachment will bring one diabolical dino. For the my-life-passed-before-my-eyes reader in you.

Available on Amazon for $4.99. Download today!

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The T-Rump Dig Podcast … Days 1460 & 1464

We did it! We survived. This is the final T-Rump Dig podcast as the Joebiden has at long last emerged victorious and assumed power. The last two T-Rump Traxx are: Day 1460 — “Everyday Feeble” … The Mikelindell visits the T-Rump with not-so-sage advice … and Day 1464 — “Biden Sees” … The T-Rump and his clan exit stage right from the Oval Dwelling, bringing a new dawn for Dino Nation. … Dino tail wags to Sly & The Family Stone and the Foo Fighters. (Think Inauguration Day.) Enjoy! … And for all those who’ve followed this incredible journey since I began the T-Rump Dig on Day 163, thank you for your support. I trust  the catharsis took.