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The Trumpassic Period — Year Three!

Another year. Another near-apocalypse.

OMG. It’s … The Trumpassic Period — Year Three.

These are the times Dino Nation finds itself in yet again, striving to survive the wild, walnut-brained ways of the Tyrumposaurus and his merry, misinformed lot of dino sycophants.

The Williambarr and the Moscowmitch have the T-Rump’s back as the Nancypelosi, the Chuckschumer and the rest of the Donkeykongrus dinos can only sit back and watch as the T-Rump continues running roughshod through the norms, the decencies, the very soul of the Milkanhoney Preservation.

The Trumpassic Period — Year Three doesn’t miss a dino footprint. Two tales per week add up to 104 encompassing views of the T-Rump’s third year at the helm of helpless dinos everywhere, cowering in their caves.

This 401-page chronology of T-Rump’s raucous, one — only one! — impeachment reign is now available on Amazon for $2.99. Download today!