The T-Rump Dig Podcast … Days 970 & 974

Today’s T-Rump Dig Podcast has Day 970 — Seth’s Profound Proof … the Sethabramson leaves some very telling footprints … and … Day 974 — Grand Bargain … it’s a blast from the past with the T-Rump singing the Ukrainian blues!


  1. My dear David,

    Bless your little heart! DAY 974 IS FABULOUS! Now, put ¨Day 974¨ out there – all by itself! – and I think you have a WINNER! It’s REALLY GOOD and YOUR SINGING VOICE MAKES IT COME ALIVE! It’s really Good Stuff, and I know it will sell! It’s wonderful, dear. Just super! Go for it!

    Lubs’nTuds, Mom Now I’m going back to your 12 Days of Christmas one – which I didn’t get to listen to (sigh) and in which I think you are singing, yes? — which day is it?


    1. The 12 Days … is Day 841. It’s next to be dropped from my Podbean episode list because I only have so many minutes allotted there for free. But I can always send you the audio file on my own if need be. Other music, Old T-Rump He Had a Scam is Day 935. That will be at Podbean for a while. Each of my podcasts are about 12 min. so I have the latest 20 available at Podbean. Thanks, Ma!


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