The T-Rump’s Beautiful Letter …

The Marinegunkelly, the T-Rump’s right-hand dino, hurried into the oval dwelling. He found the Tyrumposaurus peeking around a corner at a nearby scrum of Mediacircustops. The Marinegunkelly wasn’t suprised. The T-Rump’s obsession with the Mediacircustops bordered on delusional.

“Ahem,” said the Marinegunkelly.

“Yes, what is it?”

“The impending doom of the Harveyhurricanus overrunning the Chrispycorps Coastlands is upon us. Your guidance is needed.”

“That’s nice. Which reminds me, the night we overran the Crookadillary, it seems like only yesterday.”

“The beautiful letter?” said the Marinegunkelly.

“You know me too well.”

The beautiful letter was a dino-hieroglyph of sorts. It was a single symbol that the Clapperaptor had left in the sand the day the T-Rump came to power.  The Clapperaptor was a genus of the Sobersecondnoggin dinosaur. His skull had mostly hollow bones, providing solid resonance chambers and improved hearing. Translation? The Clapperaptor didn’t miss much.

“I wanted that symbol,” said the T-Rump, “whatever it was, to mean something. So I had you put everything aside and make up a story about it.”

“You said poem.”

“Whatever. What did I tell you about details?”

“This week or last?”

“Never mind. The poem. Tell me the poem.”

“I’m paraphrasing now.”

“Go on.”

“Intelligence, a scary thing
When given flight with nary wing.
Motivate, T-Rump, thine ability,
Lest bury self on fossil knee.
Yet calm Comeyonus, not Psychonazisaur
Grants truth and justice to very oath you swore.
The Putinodon con, succinctly distinct,
Mock Kimjongadon to lock the extinct.
Intelligence gives truth to power.
Long stand this hope upon this hour.”

The T-Rump’s eyes glazed over.

“Beautiful. Just bee-you-tee-ful. I’m not sure what it means but it sounds very powerful. I especially like the part where I’m mentioned.”

“I had to put that in.”

“I know.”

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