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The Sound of Silence …

“And tell them when the looting starts, the shooting starts.”

“Excuse me?”

The Trollertweety looked at the Tyrumposaurus like he had three heads.

“You heard me, I want you to tell those thug dinosaurs in Minnee-Haha-Hoho-Heehee that if they loot any caves, the dino authorities can shoot off their mouths and whack’em with their tails. Beat the crap out of ‘em. And haul off any of those damn Mediacircustops that get in the way.”

“Uh, no can do.”

It was the T-Rump’s turn to look shocked.

“And why not?”

“I have a new rule. I need to add a disclaimer.”

“Now why would I want a nondisclosure agreement with my own Trollertweety?”

“Actually, that wouldn’t be a bad idea because then I’d just keep my mouth shut. But I said disclaimer. As in I will be telling your audience they should fact check first before believing you.”

“Fact check? Since when?”

“Since I felt my back and found my freaking spine.”

“Very funny. There will be no fact checking, you hear me?”

“Then I’m afraid we’re done here.”

The Trollertweety ruffled his feathers and turned away.

“Wait. You can’t leave. I — I … I will do away with you.”

“Isn’t that basically the same thing? But really now, you’re gonna kill little ol’ me?” 

“If I can’t have you, no one can.”

“That sounds so romantic, T-Rump, but I know you only love yourself. Without me, you’re nothin’, bub.”

“Dammit. You got me there. But how am I going to slander the Joebiden, hurl insults at that radical left mayor, the Jacobfrey, and run my demeaning, divisive bent through Dino Nation?”

The Trollertweety paused in thought, tapping his beak with his wing.

“Hmm. I suppose you could draft the longest executive order in history to whine about what the Adamschiff gets away with, drone on how censorship inhibits free speech and completely ignore the very issue that fact-checking is there to salvage the truth.”

“Great idea. I’m on it.”

The T-Rump bolted from their meeting.

The Trollertweety could only shake his head. How come the T-Rump never moves that fast in making decisions that could save lives in this pandemic? The Trollertweety waddled over to the Puhl-DePlugg Reservoir where he squatted at the swamp’s edge and took several peckish slurps. He stared at his reflection, wondering what the T-Rump’s latest actions would mean for Dino Nation. A pair of trumpeter swans, the Paulsimon and the Artgarfunkel, glided past him, their rippling wake and rhythm trailing behind them.


Common sense, is this the end?

T-Rump is at it once again

Though most awake, some are still sleeping

Upon our rights he is creeping

And his mission for complete control insane

Still remains

It is our sound of silence

For those who want to pick a bone

Beware his latest wall of stone 

Upon our freedoms he will tramp

To ease the pain of a new brain cramp

He plans to crush us with his puny, bone-spur might

When tweets take flight

To bring the sound of silence

And he says we should shake with awe

As he simply rewrites the law

He is talking without speaking

He is hearing without listening

100 thousand dead and he doesn’t dare

Show he cared.

Their deaths the sound of silence

He’s a fool who wants his show

His cult, knuckles dragged in tow

Their minds know not what they do

His lies the virus, running thru and thru 

Projecting forth their own inner hell 

Angry stares, beware, their silence 

So we’re the nation that got played

By a demagogue prepaid

It is time to sound the warning

Lest spend four more years in mourning

Are we sick and tired of the profits

He has made upon us all

And with the gall

November. No more sound of silence.


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