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Babushkas and Bugs …

Hard to believe the Tyrumposaurus is so delightfully close to the Putinodon, practically kissing the dinosaur’s sclerotic ring. That would be the ring of bone found in the dinosaur’s stoic eye. There are so many bones to sort through today. I discovered two new species, the Russodiplomatus or Russodip, a stodgy sauropod from the Late-Curmudgeon age, and the Kasperskisaurus or Kasperski, another sauropod with a socket vertebrae network.

The fossil extraction ratio today has kept me on the edge of my milk crate. For every 35 Russodip bones I pulled from the pile, I found another 150 Kasperski bones … and plenty of bugs. It’s as if the dinosaurs were trading places, all under the watchful eye of the Putinodon. I’m not surprised. The Russodip and Kasperski are both Kaygeebeeops, Sub-Family to the Family Babushkus.

I’ve set aside some new bones for tomorrow. I hope they will keep.


Satire The Trump Dig

No T-Rump Blast for Putinodon …

At times the bones beneath me read like a soap opera. The Putinodon was obviously meddling in the Milcanhoney Preservation. The T-Rump paid no mind to this however, determined instead to prey on the Obamarus, a lame, duck-billed dinosaur from Hawaii, not Kenya. In a symbolic and democratic move, the Obamarus was protecting the Donkeykongrus, ancestor to the donkey and African wild ass, hence the above confusion.

It may well be that the Obamarus, on behalf of the Donkeykongrus, was shielding the Crookadillary, a well-bred ankylosaurid dinosaur first found behind a little rock in the Arkansas Whitewater Development. A side note, ankylosaurid translates to “ankle biter.” The T-Rump had obviously had enough of that and upon narrowly defeating the Crookadillary, inexplicably did not engage with the Putinodon.

Why the T-Rump didn’t charge or at least bear its teeth — I’m still looking for those — at the Putinodon for its savage actions? It’s as if the T-Rump’s telling us, “Putinodon? Maybe, but nobody really knows for sure.” More bones to come. Bones that will tell the truth.

In closing today’s post, I wanted to note that, while these past 167 days have been a long, arduous, painstaking journey, my colleagues and I remain hopeful in finding the T-Rump whole.


Satire The Trump Dig

Amazing Geo-Political Find — The Trumpassic Period

D.M.Belisle is a political paleontologist digging into North America’s early Trumpassic Period. He’s dissecting a remarkable fossil that has fueled endless debate. The fossil is of the incredible Donaldosaurus. The name means ‘different lizard.’ It has a huge head with very sharp teeth and weighs in at 2.3 metric tons. It is big. Massive. The biggest.

This major dig promises a true grasp of these turbulent times. Belisle plans to meticulously uncover this historic find bone by bone and will be providing crucial updates in his daily analysis under the heading The Trump Dig. Follow this blog for more.

Book News

August 6 Launch for “Forever We Play” …

Bat meets ball and heaven meets earth Saturday, August 6 when my novella Forever We Play will be available on Amazon.

It’s a story where baseball is gospel, Jesus is a slick-fielding shortstop from the Dominican Republic and Fielding Schmelling is a rookie soul taker for the Houston Astros. When an attractive realtor falls out of a Florida upper deck, he shepherds her soul aboard the Evans / Murgatroid bus in preparation for Opening Day. She must choose a team, who then must win the World Series if she wants to get to heaven.

Things are “looking up” this summer … pre-order your copy today.