No T-Rump Blast for Putinodon …

At times the bones beneath me read like a soap opera. The Putinodon was obviously meddling in the Milcanhoney Preservation. The T-Rump paid no mind to this however, determined instead to prey on the Obamarus, a lame, duck-billed dinosaur from Hawaii, not Kenya. In a symbolic and democratic move, the Obamarus was protecting the Donkeykongrus, ancestor to the donkey and African wild ass, hence the above confusion.

It may well be that the Obamarus, on behalf of the Donkeykongrus, was shielding the Crookadillary, a well-bred ankylosaurid dinosaur first found behind a little rock in the Arkansas Whitewater Development. A side note, ankylosaurid translates to “ankle biter.” The T-Rump had obviously had enough of that and upon narrowly defeating the Crookadillary, inexplicably did not engage with the Putinodon.

Why the T-Rump didn’t charge or at least bear its teeth — I’m still looking for those — at the Putinodon for its savage actions? It’s as if the T-Rump’s telling us, “Putinodon? Maybe, but nobody really knows for sure.” More bones to come. Bones that will tell the truth.

In closing today’s post, I wanted to note that, while these past 167 days have been a long, arduous, painstaking journey, my colleagues and I remain hopeful in finding the T-Rump whole.


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