You Don’t Bring Us Justice …

The Williambarr rose from his afternoon constitutional squat, scratched his backside against the tree he was hiding behind, pawed the ground and waddled back into his cave. He was startled to find a pair of dinos sitting there waiting for him.

“The Chuckschumer and the Nancypelosi? To what do I owe this unfortunate embarrassment? Our paths were not destined to cross before your damn committee meeting in what, six weeks?”

“We felt it couldn’t wait, William,” said Nancy. “We see what’s happening.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“Tell him, Chuck.”

“We caught you red-handed taking actions that attorney dino generals in the past have always steered clear of. You weighed in on the sentencing guidelines of the Rogerstone. You’re launching an investigation into a battle campaign that’s four years old, debunked, de-authorized and decidedly dumb. And you’re still going after the Hunterbiden from his time in the Ukraine Plain.”

“Are you done?” asked the yawning Williambarr. The Chuckschumer looked over to the Nancypelosi who readily took center stage.

“And, lest we forget, your treatment of the Michaelcohen has been very suspect. What are you doing — if anything — with the Rudygiuliani? He can’t keep his paws clean for 24 hours. And we are extremely worried with what you’re doing with the Flynnhasbeen situation. Would you care to enlighten us on the latest?”

“I’m just doing my job, dammit. Now get OUT of my home before I charge you with contempt of my courtyard, my garden and my compost heap.”

“You don’t compost,” sneered the Nancypelosi. “You keep all your garbage hidden away from prying eyes. That story you gave about being upset about the Tyrumposaurus’ Trollertweeties interfering with your daily work is laughable. Maybe you can cover your compost heap with that. See you next month. And if we have to send Subpoenasaurus number 72 after you, we will.”

The two Donkeykongrus leaders exited the attorney dino general’s cave just as an older dino arrived at the entrance. The Nancypelosi recognized him instantly.

“The Neildiamondsaurus? What are you doing here?”

“Well, uh … you know, I don’t do much touring any more. But I still love to sing. So I’m doing some singing telegrams on the side.”

“Oh, that’s nice,” said the Williambarr. “And who sent you?” 

“Oh, that would be the Geoffreyberman, the dino leader at the Southern District of Manhatinhand?”

“I’m well aware of who he is. I, um, find it rather strange that he’d be doing this. We’re not exactly on the best of speaking terms. But you’re here, so … go ahead.”

A cool breeze filtered through the underbrush outside the Williambarr’s quaint, suburban cave. Leaves rustled lightly, the Neildiamondsaurus licked his lips and began.


You don’t bring us justice

You don’t keep the law strong

You hardly talk to us anymore

You broke the oath you swore

A thousand say you stray


We remember when

There was truth and honesty

Our trust we gave for free


Now after watchin’ you be so tight

With all things T-Rump

And your saying what’s right

We won’t just roll over

We will stand and fight

‘Cuz you don’t bring us justice anymore


It used to be so factual

The who and what together

But evidence doesn’t count any more

It just lays on the floor

Til you sweep it away


And today, we remember

All the shame you brought us

We learned of each crime

And we learned how and why

While you learned how to shove

And you learned how to lie


So you’d think you would learn

It’s time to say goodbye

‘Cause you don’t bring us justice



Well, you’d think you would learn

How to tell us goodbye

No, don’t say T-Rump now

You don’t keep the law strong

You don’t bring us justice



You can hear the musical version of today’s post and previous T-Rump Digs at my podcast site at Podbean. Two new T-Rump tracks every Saturday. Enjoy!

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