To Impeach or Overreach? …

The still night was broken by the dull roar of the dinosaur snore outside the small hamlet of Straightforward-up-to-Heaven. The droning, dozing dino was the Jerrynadler, lead tail wagger on the Kongrus Kave investigative committee. The future of Dino Nation weighed heavily upon his wee mind. A mind that couldn’t shake the spear of a thought that suddenly pierced his wake-the-neighborhood slumber. He began talking in his sleep …


To impeach or overreach; that is the question

Whether ‘tis wiser in the walnut to pounce upon

The titanic untruths of a T-Rump tyranny

Or suffer the security-cleared sycophants

And by securing them, expose them? To overreach: to beseech;

No more; and by a speech to say we shed light

On this plight, this blight of billions of moolah-moolah kept from sight

That the T-Rump is heir to, ‘tis an abomination

Devoutly to be ditched. To speak, to leak;

To leak: perchance to snub: ay, there’s the club

For in that leak of stealth, such insurance wealth!

When 81 slither off as true snake oil,

Must give us pause as the Michaelcohen ‘hind closed door

That makes the Manaforta a manifest mess

For who would bear Huckabee’s huckster B.S.

The Kellyanne alt-fact, her proud man’s prompt redact

The Stormy pangs of despised love, the law’s delay,

The insolence of office and the spurns, the spurns! — from Hopehixbagotrix

That patient merit that MeToo Time’s Up takes,

And I, myself might my quietus make

Or the Rudygiuliani, whom fools still bear yet I forsake

His grunt, his sweat, his merry strife

But that the T-Rump sneer, his leer after overreach

His future detour from whose chasm

All dinos spasm, shrivels the schnizzle

And makes us rather bear the Putinodon

The crown prince and the Kimjongadon?

This new normal bringing tail betwixt bowed legs

And thus the Mitchgetbacktowork confusion

Constrained to the Stephenmillerus sick, sick thought

And enterprises of greatest, ghoulish oligarchs

With the Kushneratops, our everything expert turned awry

Yon abyss his experience.–Soft you now!

The fair Justice! Prevail, in thy horizons

Be all the T-Rump’s sins remember’d.


A faint smile crossed the Jerrynadler’s face, he smacked his lips and rolled over, his dull roar snore reclaiming the night.

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