Follow the Marrow! …

More news on the heels of the osteocollusionitis outbreak here at Puhl-DePlugg. It came to me last night as I was nodding off, dreaming of Dino in the Flintstones. I remembered a 2-day workshop I took in dinosaur forensics. It was called “Follow the Marrow.” This morning that strategy led me to a nearby dinosaur, the Browdersaurus, a huge, 15-ton foreign investaurus.

In my last report, we learned the Putinodon, Akhmetshinesia, Veselnitschemus and other Kayjeebeeops all had osteocollusionitis raging through their bones. But not the Browdersaurus. Let’s recap an epoch or two and line up the three P’s —  politico-paleo-psychoanalysis — to bring everyone up to speed.

It’s clear the Magnitskiactosaur had come between the Putinodon and greener pastures, namely Nest Egg Mountain in the distance. The Kayjeebeeops couldn’t travel freely. The Browdersaurus had close, personal ties to the Magnitskiactosaur in life and death, having shared the neighboring region of Leegull Grounds. The Browdersaurus thus put the other dinosaurs on red notice. That’s def-con 4 in dinosaur-speak. Combine this palpable pressure with the multiple bone stress fractures from his osteocollusionitis and one can imagine what a basket case the Putinodon must have been.

And what about the T-Rump? Will he intervene and provide the Putinodon safe passage to Nest Egg Mountain? Stay tuned. I have Disney on the phone. There’s money in this mud.

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