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The Trumpassic Period Compendium …

With the Tyrumposaurus scurrying off to Mar-a-Guano with his tail between his legs and the Joebiden assuming power over the Milkanhoney Preservation, so ends the four-year fire alarm dino historians knew as the Trumpassic Period.

Belisle’s four-volume set regurgitates the entire 1,400-day Oval Dwelling debacle. He brings it home with twice-weekly cathartic tales from the initial migration ban right through the insurrection and (gasp) second impeachment. It’s all finally behind us. The Trumpassic Period — Years #1 thru 4 relive the malarkey and mayhem an apoplectic Dino Nation consumed daily as their Milkanhoney Preservation teetered on the brink.

4 books. 8 bucks. For 7 days. All four of The Trumpassic Period volumes are available for one week only at $2 each from Thursday, March 11 to Wednesday, March 17th. Follow the big footprints and the opening of mouths for said feet. From sycophancy to the Solitary Sinkhole, this compendium captures the long grift and short shrift of one truly tyrannical Tyrumposaurus.

All four years are now fossilized and available on Amazon at David Belisle’s author page.