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Sondland Singing …

The Nancypelosi smiled fitfully in her sleep, eyes rolling behind eyelids.

She was dreaming and in her dream she found herself in her favorite place, prancing up a hill in the Salzburg-Alpine Meadowlands. She said a silent prayer, thankful for how surprisingly nimble her joints were today. A cool breeze washed over her as she spun around, taking in the vast countryside, a continent of dandelions dwarfed by the scenic, snow-capped Hossenfeffer Mountains. Her heart soared just as high at the joy enveloping her, a happy parade that not even the Jimjordan or that uppity dino tart, the Elisestefanick, could rain upon.

Yes, the Nancypelosi knew she deserved this break from the cantankerous Grandoldparty dinos — walnut brains that on a good day couldn’t uncross their eyes. But now, with the impeachment hearings seemingly complete, the Devilnunes and company were still willing to dive head first into Kookoo-for-Cocopuffs Chasm in their defense of the Tyrumposaurus’ bribery of the leader of the Ukraine Plain for dirt on the Joebiden. Even after the Fionahill, a dino expert in all matters ripe with Russodino poop, had testified that the Ukraine Plain meddling in the T-Rump’s victory was a woefully false narrative, incredibly, the Grandoldparty still lined up lock-step with the Putinodon’s platform.

But there had been a break. A big, monumental break. The kind of break that made a dreaming dinosaur believe there was truth, justice and a backbone somewhere within the Grandoldparty

And with that sensational thought bursting to the surface, the Nancypelosi crested that Salzburg-Alpine hill, practically scampering, spinning with her short arms outstretched, fresh dandelions tangled between her not-so-fresh toes, the Hossenfeffers high over her shoulders and a song leaping from her lips …


The Hill is alive with the Sondland singing

In the hand he played as a millionaire

The Hill fills my heart with the Sondland singing

Everyone’s in the loop, no surprise there


My heart is a twitter with all these jailbirds

That shook down the poor Zelensky

Directions came from T-Rump, with the cry  

Go! Go talk to Rudy!

Who laughs like a crook when he slips and his cover’s

Blown everyday

To fight the good fight; Mulvaney, Pompeo, Pence put away


I go to the Hill when I sense a phony

The Oval Dwelling is filled to the core 

T-Rump is now cursed with the Sondland singing

Kick him out the door!