Will Scaramunchkin Throw Priebusunderbus?

You recall in my last report there were leaks in the Puhl-DePlugg Reservoir attributed to the Crookadillary. With today’s discovery of two new dinosaurs — that’s 40 if you’re keeping score at home* — there are new talons pointing to the cause of these leaks.

The most vocal tail-wagger is the Scaramunchkin, a small Minnymeesaurid from Lower Mongolia. He has a stout body with a short, thick neck, short forelimbs and tall hind legs. The dome of his head has a row of small bony spikes and bumps. Absent from all other species, the Scaramunchkin has a posterior parietal (rear skull bone) that restricts his frontal dome.

Again, this is after careful paleo-political analysis, but the Scaramunchkin was basically calling out all senior members of the Tyrumposaurae, particularly a member of the Sub Family Underbus.

I’m referring to the Priebusunderbus, a lactosian dinosaur originally found in the Cheesehead Formation of present-day Wisconsin. This species has a parrot-like beak and is a fierce gate-keeper of his oval dwelling.

The Priebusunderbus has thus far remained silent but make no mistake, the Scaramunchkin is making direct communication and moving in with a vengeance.

* We have now uncovered more skeletons at Puhl-DePlugg than the infamous dig at Trickydick-Milhouse Mud Flats.

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