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Babushkas and Bugs …

Hard to believe the Tyrumposaurus is so delightfully close to the Putinodon, practically kissing the dinosaur’s sclerotic ring. That would be the ring of bone found in the dinosaur’s stoic eye. There are so many bones to sort through today. I discovered two new species, the Russodiplomatus or Russodip, a stodgy sauropod from the Late-Curmudgeon age, and the Kasperskisaurus or Kasperski, another sauropod with a socket vertebrae network.

The fossil extraction ratio today has kept me on the edge of my milk crate. For every 35 Russodip bones I pulled from the pile, I found another 150 Kasperski bones … and plenty of bugs. It’s as if the dinosaurs were trading places, all under the watchful eye of the Putinodon. I’m not surprised. The Russodip and Kasperski are both Kaygeebeeops, Sub-Family to the Family Babushkus.

I’ve set aside some new bones for tomorrow. I hope they will keep.