Revolution …

A revolution was sweeping Dino Nation. The first three battlegrounds of the spring-summer campaign before the November Battle Royale had come and gone. History had been made. The Berniesanders had done something no dino had ever done before. Besides being trapped in amber for 99 million years. But that’s only how Bernie felt. He had triumphed in the Iowa Corn-cob-us, the Newhamp Shires and most recently the Reno-Keno Ruckus. It appeared that after being thrown under the Priebusunderbus four years earlier by the Crookadillary, it was finally Bernie’s time to come out. Time for his revolution.  

The Reno-Keno Ruckus had been especially gratifying. Dinosaurs of all stripes and colors, from all dino demographics, had come out to support him, proving the 78-year-old dino was not a one-species specialist. They all loved Bernie. Unlike the scrappy Donkeykongrus dinos competing for dino leadership. They’d once numbered in the twenties but were now down to single digits. Of those remaining, the Elizabethwarren had peeled away from him to lambaste every dino in site. The Buddhajudge pleaded with dinos not to fall for Bernie and his too-much, too-soon beastly social dino trap. The Michaelbloomberg had called Bernie a Commiedino but dinos with their feet on the ground knew better.

All these attacks fell by the wayside as Bernie’s message resonated with dinos who for too long had felt left behind in that wayside gully dinos referred to grimly as the Long, Long Lurch

Bernie stepped to the flat rock lectern to address his volunteers, his followers and his appetizer hunting crew. Every dino loved appies. He smiled out at the dino multitude contentedly licking their lips of some salty Salamander-Iguana fresh kill. Bernie stared his get-busy stare and raised a hand holding a short branch.

“I’ve got news for the Grandoldparty establishment. I’ve got news for the Donkeykongrus establishment. They can’t stop us!”

He dropped the branch. That was it. A branch drop. That was all it took. 

The dinos before him rose as one. A hush spread over the audience. Then came a rustling and a rising of voices, chanting, “Not me. Us. … Not me. Us. … Not me. Us.” It was a movement of many coming to fruition. To take back their beloved Milkanhoney Preservation from the T-Rump. Tails began banging against the nearest solid object and dino roars erupted heartily into their new anthem. Their calling. Their raison d’etre.

So Bernie’s got a revolution

Well, he knows

He’s all set to change the world

He cannot wait for evolution

Well, he knows

Fossil fuels will kill the world

The time is now for the election

Bernie will surely get the vote out

Don’t you know you feel the Bern! Alright

Feel the Bern! Alright

Feel the Bern! Alright

For health he has the real solution

Well, he knows

It’s not another T-Rump scam

The rich must make their contribution

Well, he knows

They should give more than we can

But isn’t it funny Nevada showed us how great

Bernie is one of us, you cannot wait

Don’t you know you feel the Bern! Alright

Feel the Bern! Alright

Feel the Bern! Alright

He will wipe out the destitution

Well, he knows

You need a bed for your head

And what about the institutions?

Well, he knows

The ones T-Rump has left for dead

So if you are tired of pictures of Nunes’ cow 

You can turn to Bernie and take this vow 

Don’t you know you feel the Bern! Alright

Feel the Bern! Alright

Feel the Bern! Alright


You can hear the musical version of today’s post and previous T-Rump Digs at my podcast site at Podbean. Two new T-Rump tracks every Saturday. Enjoy!

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