No Rest of Us with the Podestaphus …

Today’s latest dinosaur bone from this treasure trove is the Podestaphus. A cunning, swift-footed lizard, this compromised member of the Sub-Family Donkeycongrus is one of the earliest known dinosaurs to inhabit the eastern U.S. My trusty trowel trembling, I was excited to dig in. Four hours later, I finally managed to extract the sturdy tail bone of the Podestaphus which was meshed up against the T-Rump. It was a bit of a whack-job but I finally managed to get a grip on it.

Of course this is all dirty laundry for the Podestaphus. Why the T-Rump chose to lock horns with him from a good two glaciers away remains a mystery. Thankfully, remains are my job and I love a good mystery. I’m discovering that most of the T-Rump’s bones are off the cuff while much more discipline is required when working with the Putinodon’s hard-to-read position.

Finally, a bone from a low-lying Langleytips informs me there’s more evidence of a meddling Putinodon. The Langleytips was a ceratopsid dinosaur from the Super-Sleuthian Era. The deep throat bone points to undocumented encounters with the Putinodon, whose bones of course hold the truth. I’m getting this all down because, while the Langleytips can’t talk, it may be this bone that tells all.


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