Kimjongadon Within Striking Distance? …

The Donaldosaurus is playing second fiddle today as I’ve had to put everything on hold, having discovered no less than four new dinosaurs. Who knew? Close at hand are a Kimjongadon, a Chungkingosaurus, a Rokosaur and a Kittysaurus.

The Kimjongadon was a predator, a johnny-come-lately Cretaceous crocodile, rather than an unusual theropod. He had a strongly developed neural spine, though I only came across a single distal caudal vertebra, as in a two-and-a-half inch backbone. I was unable to extrapolate the species length as the specimen appears to be a child.

The Chungkingosaurus was the strong and silent, herbivorous stegosaurus. It had two rows of spiked plates on its back that seemed to run forever. You can’t miss them. The stegosaurus ruled with it’s dreaded weapon, the thagomizer.  This arsenal featured four to ten tail end spikes, used as a defensive, end-game option.

The Kittysaurus was a theropod dinosaur hailing from the southwest corner of crowded White Chrysanthemum Formation. It was classified as an early “tyrant lizard.” Overpopulation will do that to dinosaurs, even a Kittysaurus. While this animal, proportionately, had the longest hands among non-avialan theropods, I’m out of my element when discussing dinosaur technology.

The Rokosaur was the boy band of Asian herbivores. A basal (not basil) sauropodomorph with soul. Or at least a large body and sturdy limbs enabling it to move about on all fours. Listed at 1.3 tons, with 8 teeth in front (premaxilla) and 19 in the back (maxilla), the Rokosaur was ready for all terrain.

What does this all mean? As mentioned yesterday, I sense the Putinodon is just a bucket of mud away. Will the Putinodon and Chungkingosaurus combine their Troodontidae-Huayangosauridaen wits to keep Kittysaurus and Rokosaur safe from baby croc-pot Kimjongadon? This Trumpassic world depends on it.


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